Social media magic: Internet sleuths help photographer find engaged couple in Yosemite

A Los Angeles-based photographer who captured images of an unforgettable moment for one couple in Yosemite National Park needed a little help, and internet sleuths answered her calls.

Allie Dearie said she quickly snapped a few shots on September 28 when she noticed a man getting down on his knee to propose at Taft Point, a majestic overlook about a one-mile hike from Glacier Point Road.

A friend of the couple was recording on a cell phone, but Dearie said she wanted to share her still images with the couple.

So she shot the stunning scene, capturing the memorable moment for the couple. 

"I gave him a business card before they left, but I haven't heard from him and with the hike back I'm worried he lost my contact info," Dearie wrote in an Instagram post.

She asked internet users to help her find the couple and spoke with, a Fresno-based news outlet, about her efforts. 

Dearie announced on Thursday, October 5, that the couple has been found.

"Update: we found them!!!!! Thank you all so much for your help, she emailed me and they are so happy to have these photos!" Dearie posted.

It's a classic tale of the power of the internet and people coming together to help each other. 

Congratulations to the couple.

Find more of Dearie's photography here: