Photographer takes maternity photos for ex-husband and his new wife

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"Sometimes a picture is just a picture", says Virginia photographer Brittany Lowe, "and then sometimes it has a good story with it". 

Brittany takes photos of weddings, children, pets, and couples celebrating new life. But she recently photographed a couple with an extra special connection to her. 

"This is a picture I took of my ex-husband and his new wife," says Brittany, "That seems odd to read I'm sure. But if you look closer you see the wonderful, beautiful step-mom who has taken on raising our son in a respectful manner".

The photo is of Brittany's ex-husband, James Mundy, and his pregnant wife, Becca. 

James and Brittany have a son together, 10-year-old Hayden. Brittany says Becca loves Hayden like he is her own. 

Brittany is remarried herself with two daughters.

She says, "I love that we have the relationship we do and that all four of us are able to raise the future with love and understanding and respect".

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