Pig goes missing in South Bay

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A not so little piggy is missing in the South Bay.

The Ackerman family last saw their 100 pound pig on Sunday at  their San Jose home located on Ocala Avenue and White Road. 

The pig, called Pig Pig, was all set in the backyard on Father's Day with food and water, but upon the family's arrival back home the pig was nowhere to be found. 

After a thorough search of the area they noticed the kennel from the front yard of the family's home was missing along with Pig Pig, indicating she had been stolen, and not run away. 

Mark Ackerman also noted that the security cameras had been torn from the home, leaving behind no possible leads. 

With the current heat advisory in the Bay Area, the couple wants to make sure that Pig Pig is safe. 

"She's been stolen before, when she was just a baby" said Ackerman.

A few years ago the couple's pig was stolen from their front yard. Pig Pig was later found at Emma Prusch Farm Park in San Jose, eating the gourds.  

The Ackerman's have posted fliers and filed a police report in hopes to find their missing family member. 

They are offering a $500 reward for whoever returns the pig safely. A GoFundMe page has been set up in effort to increase the reward. 

Anyone with information is advised to contact the Ackerman's at 408-679-5832.