Pinole Middle School student brought pellet gun to campus

Classes will resume Tuesday morning at Pinole Middle School after it was forced into lockdown because a student brought a pellet gun to campus.

Police say someone reported seeing the gun, which they said appeared to be a real semi-automatic weapon.

Police located the gun in a student's backpack.

One student said the boy brought the gun to school because of a previous altercation with another student.  

"He just pulled it out of his pants," the student said. "He just pulled up his jacket a little and I saw it."

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The student said he didn't notify an adult because the other boy "was threatening to shoot me. He was threatening to shoot all the other kids that he told about the gun. He told one of my friends that he was also going to shoot him if he told the teachers or anything."

Investigators say the student was detained for questioning and no one was injured.