Pitcher Logan Webb's grandmothers excited for SF Giants home opener

The countdown is on to the first pitch on the San Francisco Giants opening day Friday afternoon, and some of the team's biggest fans are pitcher Logan Webb's grandmothers.

Webb isn't pitching in the game against the San Diego Padres at Oracle Park, but that doesn't mean Jan Webb and Patty Fecanin, who happen to be friends and roommates, won't be watching this game.

"He's very happy. He's been smiling since they started in spring training," Jan Webb said.

Logan calls Jan and Patty the team grandmas. 

Both are most excited to watch the pitching and hope to see a high-powered offense. 

"It's like we have a full team," Jan Webb said. "All the new pitchers we have and, of course, the hitting, you can see the camaraderie among the team. Everyone seems to be happy."

With so many new faces in the clubhouse, they say Logan started a new tradition to ensure everyone felt welcome. He asked everyone to shake hands and say good morning.

"You know what it's like going into a group of people already established," Fecanin said. "It's an icebreaker, so you're not walking on eggshells."

Neither grandma would give a prediction as to how they thought the Giants would fare this season, but they said they hope the team wins as many games as possible. 

Patty has one other goal this season, to meet her second favorite Giant, Willmer Flores.


They're not just Logan Webb's grandmas, they're also roommates

Walking into Oracle Park on any given game day, there is no shortage of Giants jerseys with Webb stitched atop a No. 62. But beware, if Jan Webb or Patty Fecanin pass by someone wearing one, chances are they'll stop you dead in your tracks.