Pleasant Hill arson arrest: suspect limps away from explosion

Pleasant Hill police have arrested a man in connection with arson at an apartment complex.

Police say officers responded to the Sun Valley apartment complex on Tuesday about 9 p.m. near Contra Costa Boulevard after reports of an explosion from the first floor.

When officers arrived, one apartment was completely engulfed in flames, police said. Crews evacuated the building. 

Witnesses told police that they saw 58-year-old Marlon Perry was limping away from the fire and allege he started hurting himself when they tried to get him to put down two large knives. 

Police said they used bean bag rounds to subdue him when he refused to obey them.

Fire investigators say they believe Perry intentionally set the fire in his apartment based on the evidence they found. 

Three apartments were damaged by fire and smoke. 

No one was injured. 

Perry is now in jail facing felony arson charges.