Pleasanton animal services seeks owner of emu found wandering through suburb

A photo of the emu wandering through a front yard of a Pleasanton residence before it was captured Friday. Photo: Pleasanton police.

Pleasanton police say an "EMU-gency" unfolded Friday when an emu wandered around a quiet suburb before being taken into custody.

Police say the emu is in safe hands, and they're hoping to find its rightful owner soon.

The animal is currently at the Alameda County animal shelter.

Check out the size of those feet! Photo: Pleasanton police.

Animal control officers were able to capture the large animal using a lasso, which is a rope with a noose at the end -- typically used to capture cattle or horses.

The wandering emu is safe at the Alameda County shelter. Photo: Pleasanton police..

Anyone who has information leading to the owner of the emu should contact Alameda County animal shelter or Pleasanton police.