Plenty of green coming in and going out at Oakland's Harborside marijuana dispensary

It’s “Green-Day” at Oakland’s Harbor-side.  Lots of Green coming in and lots of Green going out!   “This is like Disneyland, but way better,” said Florida’s Andrew Rojas.  

Harborside is one of the nation’s largest marijuana medical dispensaries, and today their doors just got even bigger!  Opening to a completely new kind of customer.  “It’s historic … I don’t know I just want to be part of history,”  said Joe Sides of Montana.  “First time?  Absolutely!  What are your impressions?  Orderly, clean and seems like people are behaving.  Everything looks great!”  Said 1st time Pot-Shopper Laurie Driscoll.  

No medical card required today.  As long as you are 21, you are free to buy, and many like first timer Laurie Driscoll decided to give it a try, but she admit there is a learning curve.  

“I think there’s a whole story around different types. What it does and feels like. I don’t know anything about it so I’d like to find out. It’s a brave new world!”  

For 72-year-old Diana Burke of Walnut Creek it’s a throwback to the 60’s. She’s been pot-free for decades.  

“I’ll probably get a small tiny amount and give it a go.  Probably an edible.  I won’t smoke it or vape it.  Maybe a cookie or something.”   Harborside estimates that over a third or more of today’s customers are likely pot newcomers. 

Dispensary Co-Founder Steve DeAngelo expects that number to grow in 2018.  “On a real busy day here we’ll sell over $100,000 of cannabis, and this will be a very busy day!”  Harborside is expecting big business the dispensary already has plans to expand.