Pod of orcas appears to change eating habits

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A pod of orca whales in what’s called “Orca Alley” have been vigorously attacking and killing gray whale calves. 

Orca Alley is located in Monterey Bay near Moss Landing. 

According to Biologist, Dorris Welch of Sanctuary Cruises, this particular pod of orcas has reached up to six killings so far this year, as opposed to only four last season. 

For the past two weeks, the Sanctuary Cruise boats have been seeing these orcas daily and are noticing often but sporadic attacks.  There is no particular pattern to the sequence of the killings.  In years past, pods of orcas would typically take a few days to eat a gray whale calf. 

However this year, it is taking them only hours.  Welch believes this may be due to the fact that the orca pod is only going after the more delectable parts of the gray whales; the tongue and lower jaw. 

This then allows them to save up the energy needed to execute more attacks. 

The best place to see these whales in action is Moss Landing in Monterey Bay from now until mid to late May.