Police chase ends with suspect driving off cliff, into ocean in Santa Cruz

A high speed chase Tuesday ended with a stolen vehicle driving off a Santa Cruz cliff into the ocean, officials said. 

Sheriff’s deputies say it started around 3:30 p.m. when a man carjacked a couple at the Roadhouse restaurant on Highway 1 in Davenport. 

The chase ended on West Cliff Drive in Santa Cruz, officials said. One woman says she saw the driver just moments before he lost control of the vehicle. 

“It could be that he just couldn’t make this corner and that’s why he went over the cliff,” said the witness who did not provide a name. “That would make a lot of sense, because you have to go like 10 miles per hour to go around this curve.”

The car landed in the water and the unidentified suspect reportedly got out and climbed back up the cliff. Police were waiting for him and he was arrested. 

Santa Cruz County authorities are expected to provide more information Wednesday.