Police conduct raid at suspected UPS shooter's SF Richmond home

Investigators raided the Richmond District San Francisco home of suspected UPS shooter Jimmy Lam Wednesday afternoon. 

The residence at 335 4th Ave. is listed under Jimmy Lam, the UPS employee who is alleged to have fatally shot three of his co-workers, but police would not confirm that Lam lived at the residence. 

At around 3:30 p.m., San Francisco police could be seen entering the home and coming out with multiple bags of evidence including a computer tower, file boxes and other items, all of which were placed into the backs and trunks of police vehicles. 

Neighbors say they saw a man frequently come and go from the house in a brown UPS uniform and that he was very low-key, quiet and didn't take much. They added that they didn't interact with him much, but that they were shocked to learn that Lam was from their neighborhood. 

"It's really creepy that people next door have the ability to have guns and have the ability to shoot people that they work with. It creeps me out and I don't feel safe," said an area resident who wanted to remain anonymous.

Another neighbor said it was sad of course for the people who got killed and that it was something they'd never expect. 

Lam's name was mentioned on police dispatch audio as the incident unfolded. On the audio, Lam could be heard being described as an Asian male employee. 

KTVU asked a UPS employee, who happened to be on the streets of San Francisco for his normal route, if he knew Lam. He said he did not and that he had heard the name before, but that he didn't have any interaction with him. 

Several other employees gave the same impression that Lam was a quiet guy.