Police investigating double-homicide in East San Jose foothills

Police are investigating a double-homicide that happened in the foothills of East San Jose Wednesday night.

Crime tape remained on Sierra Road Thursday after police say a man and woman were shot to death on the 3800 block around 10:00 p.m.

"It's horrible. Stuff like that shouldn't be happening out here," said nearby neighbor Jesus Ambriz

He lives on Sierra Road and says he didn't hear the shooting but his brother did. "(He said) multiple shots fired," said Ambriz. "It's not the first time we've heard it. It's a familiar sound to us...there's hunting areas out there but it's a whole different thing from hunting and rapid fire.”

Two candles now sit at the lookout spot near the scene of the shooting. San Jose police say the man and woman died at the scene, marking the city's ninth and tenth homicides of the 2018. No arrests have been made and they are still investigating the motive.

"Who they were there with and who they were supposed to meet, or was this some sort of random attack, is still to be determined," said San Jose Police Sgt. Enrique Garcia.

Two neighbors who live about a mile from the crime scene say gunshots are common in their area and shared home video they say was gunfire that happened a few hours after the homicide.

"We heard about 15 or 16 gunshots. It's not just one or two shots, and it's every other night," said a neighbor named Eli.

He is asking for a quicker police response.

"I think SJPD is lacking on this. There needs to be some sort of response. There's been quite a few of us calling and nobody shows up," said Eli.

San Jose Police confirmed those gunshots the neighbors heard were unrelated to Wednesday's double-homicide.

Police say when they get a call for service, they prioritize the nature of call and depending on the number of callers.

They also advise that callers can request contact by a police officer and can call 311 for a follow-up.