Police kill suspect outside Fremont hotel; 2nd person killed by police in less than 10 days

One suspect is dead following a police shooting at a Fremont hotel Thursday evening and is the second person Fremont police have killed in less than 10 days. 

The shooting happened around 6:25 p.m. in the parking lot of the Hyatt Place Hotel. 

Fremont Police Capt. Sean Washington said officers were surveilling the hotel because of a sharp rise in gun violence earlier Thursday afternoon and identified a "well-known" suspect with outstanding felony warrants. 

Once officers identified the suspect outside the hotel, a police K-9 was released. When the suspect drew his gun, two detectives from the "gun violence reduction team" shot him. Paramedics confirmed his time of death shortly after 6:30 p.m. 

"We value the sanctity of every life, however, we're very fortunate and happy that our officers are safe," Washington said, noting that no officers were injured.

The Alameda County District Attorney and Fremont Police Department are both conducting investigations into this fatal officer-involved shooting and another one that occurred eight days earlier.

In that March 24 case, a Fremont police officer fatally shot an armed robbery suspect after a police chase that ended on Highway 84 in Newark.

In the Highway 84 shooting, the California Highway Patrol —which is investigating the highway shooting — said the person had a firearm and was driving a stolen car "associated with an armed robbery" when a Fremont police officer shot them last week.

The Hyatt Place Hotel shooting investigation is in the preliminary stages.

Soraya Bokaie, 57, was operating her Mazzeh Grill Persian Style food truck in the parking lot of the hotel Thursday afternoon.

She did not see the incident but said she heard three gunshots, and saw at least six officers exit their unmarked vehicles and run in the same direction.

"I asked one of the gentlemen, I said, 'did you guys get who you guys wanted,?" Bokai said, "He says yes."