Police: Man rapes elderly woman in Sebastopol, returns 8 days later with condom

A 26-year-old man was arrested by Sebastopol police on Friday after he admitted to raping an elderly woman. 

According to police, the 75-year-old victim and her family members reported the incident to police last Thursday. 

The family told officers, the victim was legally incapable of giving consent, authorities say. 

They also told police the victim had trouble recalling the details of what happened. 

Investigators determined that the elderly woman likely had sex with someone she didn't know and that she was not capable of giving consent. 

Officers were unable to identify a suspect and would have to wait for potential DNA evidence, which can take time. 

On Friday, officers were called to the victim's home because people observed a man loitering there.

Authorities say witnesses were able to convince the man to stay at the scene. 

Officers immediately recognized the suspect as Tirso Guzmanvivar, a local transient. 

During an interview with investigators, Guzmanvivar admitted to having sex with the woman. 

He also told them he returned to area because he planned to visit the victim again. Officers say also had a condom. 

The investigation revealed that Guzmanvivar raped the elderly woman. He was arrested and booked into Sonoma County Jail.