Police release photo of suspected Iron Horse Trail groper

East Bay Regional Park District Police Department have released a photo of a man they suspect groped at least six women along the popular Iron Horse Trail in Walnut Creek over the past three months.

The photo is from a video taken Friday by a neighbor living near the trail minutes after the most recent sexual battery.

"We later were able to confirm that the suspect was one in the same. That was the person they saw assault the victim," said EBRPD police Sgt. Giorgio Chevez.

The man who took the video told us he lives behind the Iron Horse Trail. He said his friend called him Friday, moments after seeing what he said was a man groping a woman. He gave him a description.

"He said that girl's face, he will never forget the girl's face. She started crying," said Harris Naemi, who took the video after spotting the man.

"He squared up like he wanted to fight. But jetted off. I sent my friend the video after I confronted him. He confirmed that was the guy," he said.

Police say the sexual batterer groped three women in March. Then apparently struck again two months later on May 28, 29 and June 5.

Police believe the shelter-in-place order may be the reason there was a two-month gap between assaults.

Investigators are still looking to identify the suspect.

Anyone with information is urged to contact the police tip line at (510) 690-6521.