Preschool sweethearts marry nearly 20 years later

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It was always meant to be!

A couple has wed nearly 20 years after meeting in preschool. 

Matt and Laura Grodsky, from Phoenix, got married in after meeting in preschool.

The couple says they used to do everything together- from playdates, to playing on the swings. 

Matt says one of his earliest memories is standing in front of his preschool class, and declaring that he would someday marry Laura. Her response: he'll have to wait. 

Matt and Laura went to different elementary schools after preschool and lost touch. But they reconnected during their freshman year of high school and hit it off like a day hadn't gone by since their days on the playground.

After enduring a long-distance relationship, Matt decided it was time to propose. 

Matt and Laura returned to their old preschool, where Matt asked Laura to marry him- at the spot where they first met. 

The couple wed in December. 

Matt said, "I was enamored with Laura as a child, and I still am to this day".