Pro-Palestinian protests to be held outside Meta Menlo Park headquarters

A group of people plan to gather for a protest outside of the Meta headquarters in Menlo Park on Tuesday afternoon. 

Some of the organizers include the Council on American Islamic Relations, which is the nation's  largest Muslim civil rights group. They're calling that demonstration the " Let Palestine Speak, End Censorship" demonstration. The protestors are accusing the social media giant of flagging and removing posts from Palestinians about the Israel-Hamas war.

Meta recently announced that its oversight board will hear about two posts in particular that pro-Palestinian groups say were wrongly censored. At issue, whether some of those posts violate Meta's policies against sharing graphic images and depicting what it considers to be dangerous organizations.

Before 9 a.m, there is a demonstration planned in downtown San Francisco. There will be a group of people calling for a cease fire in the Israel-Hamas war and an end to US military aid to Israel. More than 400 people have signed up for that protest this morning.

CAIR San Francisco says the organization and supporters continue to push city councils in the Bay Area to take a public position on the ceasefire issue.

"There are mobilizations at more than half a dozen city council and board of supervisor meetings as well as multiple protests. Enough is enough, " Zahra Billoo, Executive Director of CAIR said.

The Berkeley City Council planned to declare support for a ceasefire in the Israel-Hamas war but later dropped it. Even so, supporters plan to attend the Berkeley City Council meeting Tuesday night and call on city leaders to reintroduce the resolution. 
The cities of Oakland and Richmond have already approved ceasefire resolutions, and it is on the agenda for Vallejo's City council meeting on Tuesday.