Protest over controversial urinals in San Francisco park

A San Francisco religious group plans to speak out Tuesday, against public urinals in Dolores Park.

One may think of a urinal, as a porcelain fixture attached to a wall.

But the Dolores Park urinal is a curved panel, with a drain that leads directly into the city's sewer system.

A religious group, called the Chinese Christian Union of San Francisco, has filed a lawsuit against the City and County of San Francisco, to have this urinal removed.

The organization says it's a violation of peoples' privacy - both for people using it, and people walking by.

The group also argues that the urinals are discriminatory, since they are designed more for men than women.

The city attorney's office says neighbors in the Dolores Park area lobbied to have the urinals, citing their long-standing popularity in European cities.

The City adds that residents prefer it, than having people use bushes, walls of homes and businesses as restrooms.

Oponents of these urinals plan to voice their objections at a news conference later this morning.