Protests turn violent in El Cajon, as mother of man killed by police speaks out

Protests against a deadly officer-involved shooting in El Cajon, turned violent Thursday night.

Police fired flash bangs to push back the crowd of demonstrators.

A group of 50 to 75-protesters had blocked a major intersection in the San Diego suburb Thursday night.

Some demonstrators threw bottles at police, and smashed car windows.

Protesters also got into shoving matches with drivers and motorcyclists.

One man was knocked off his motorcycle and assaulted.

It was the third straight night of protests, following the shooting that claimed the life of  Alfred Olango.
Earlier in the day, his mother spoke publicly for the first time, about the death of her son.

He had no weapon," said Pamela Benge, Olango's mother. "I know i'm telling you the truth. My son was a good, loving young man. Only 38-years-old."

Olango's family is angry that police released a single still image from cellphone video of the shooting.
It shows him pointing an object at police, who then shoot and kill him.

The object turned out to be an electronic cigarette.
Olango's family wants the entire video released.