Rabbi frustrated over anti-Semitic flyers distributed in Danville

For the second time this year, anti-Semitic flyers have been found in the East Bay town of Danville.

"It’s frustrating when there’s a fringe voice of hate that comes into town," said Rabbi Shmuli Raitman of the Chabad of Danville & San Ramon.

Raitman said he was teaching Hebrew school Sunday morning when calls came in from concerned community members.

Dozens of residents woke up to find anti-Semitic flyers in their driveways that contained false propaganda. The flyers looked almost identical to the ones that were scattered throughout Bay Area communities, including Danville, earlier this year.

"After Hebrew school finished I took my kids and we went collecting these," said Raitman. "I explained to them this is not Danville. This does not represent the people of Danville. This is not America. This is not who we are. And the outpouring of support from the community has been overwhelming.

Danville police say are calling this a hate incident, not a hate crime. Officers are still investigating and are encouraging community members to report any other flyers found around town.
The Danville Police Department posted a message on the department’s Facebook page. Part of it reads, "These leaflets fly in the face of our values in Danville. Our town’s mission statement focuses on providing services that make people’s lives better."

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