Rally held for two students said to be racially profiled by UC Berkeley police

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UC Berkeley's Black Student Union held a rally Wednesday in support of two Cal students involved in an incident earlier this month with campus police. 

The students, a male and female, were arrested on March 8 after police were alerted that the female student was carrying a stun gun near Sather Gate on campus. %INLINE%

When police approached the two students, who matched the description that was called in to the department, the woman told campus police it was her protection for "night-time safety", despite the campus rule against Tasers or stun gun devices. 

According to a UC Berkeley statement issued on Tuesday, which did not mention that the two people cited were students, the woman offered to surrender the device to the officer, but the officer asked the woman not to touch it and that he would take it from her due to safety concerns.

When the officer reached for the stun gun, the two got into a struggle, according to police. Police say the man who was with the woman tried to intervene. 

Demonstrators, who blasted NWA's seminal anthem "Fuck The Police", said the two students were racially profiled.

"Come out and stand in solidarity against police brutality and understand that you know this campus is still lacking in accountability for their actions, their organization and just basically self respect, you know for us as students," said Quijai Johnson at the rally. 

The Black Student Union said both students were cited and released. 

According to the University, they are satisfied with reports from the District Attorney, who reviewed the case, and has referred "both individuals to a diversion program in lieu of prosecution." 

“We recognize this arrest has become a racial issue for some of our community members,” said Vice Chancellor for Administration Marc Fisher. “We are committed to supporting a fair and thorough investigation, and to taking the steps necessary to maintain a relationship of trust with our community and our guests, while ensuring their safety.”