Rams' Marcus Peters, a MyClymonds high alumnus, 'representing Oakland' in 2019 Super Bowl

Few people will be rooting harder for Los Angeles Rams star cornerback Marcus Peters during Sunday's Super Bowl than the students, staff and teachers at McClymonds High School.

Peters graduated there in 2011 and everyone KTVU spoke to couldn't be prouder of him.

"Marcus is representing Chestnut Street, McClymonds, West Oakland and Oakland. Everyone is really excited about it," said Brian McGhee, Peters football coach freshman year.

"He was a fiery kid. Hate to lose. Competitor," he said.

MyClymonds, a small underfunded high school in under-served West Oakland, boasts three straightstate champion football teams.

Having one of its alumni who walked this same campus not so long ago, make it to the Super Bowl isinspiring to students.

"Makes me feel like I could do the same thing. Or anyone on the team could do the same thing," saidhigh school football player James Willoughby.

LuPaulette Taylor remembers teaching Peters history and English in his junior and senior years.

"He was a good student. Mischievous and fun. Yeah, definitely fun," said Taylor.

People here admire what Peters has done on the football field. But they also admire what he's done for McClymonds and for Oakland off the field.

When the football team needed new uniforms, Peters bought them.

His father Michael Peters is the coach.

Each year Peters has put on a carnival for the kids, complete with rides and games.

Three years ago when then Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom hosted a conference with students about gun violence, Peters was right there.

"Part of our role is to give back. Marcus knew that," said McGhee. "He was so hardworking. We've seen him work so hard. He is passionate about it. Everybody is just excited," said teacher Kittie Richardson