Random act of kindness at Livermore Starbucks as families mourn 2 deaths

Sometimes a random act of kindness can happen at the perfect moment. 

KTVU's Frank Somerville posted on Facebook about human kindness at a Livermore Starbucks. 

Read his post below: 

"'Thank you for your act of kindness, for the free coffee, but even more, thank you for making me feel my dad was here today, for touching my heart in a way you never knew you could.'

I never get tired of stories about random acts of kindness. And this is a good one.

Katie Kavetsky was in her car in line at a Starbucks in Livermore when she was handed a card and a coffee.

The note said, "Enjoy your drink/treat on us. A random act of kindness to remember a sweet girl Hannah who would be 3 today. Love, Hannah's loved ones."

She was so touched especially because she just lost her father. And now she's determined to find the person who paid for her coffee.

Katie posted on her Facebook page, 

"To Hannah's loved ones, Today Nov. 2, 2017 around 11 am you went through the Starbucks drive thru on Airway Blvd and Kitty Hawk Rd in Livermore, CA. You drove a Black Expedition (or something like that). You chose to pay for the car behind you...I was that person. You did this as an act of kindness in memory of your little girl Hannah. According to your card, she would be 3 today. 
I am so sorry for your loss. What you don't know about your act of kindness, is that it meant so much more to me than just a free coffee. I lost my dad on Friday. And of all the days since I lost him, today was one of the hardest mornings without him. This morning I struggled to start my day, and thought a Starbucks would do me well, and then I was surprised with your kindness. I don’t know who you are but I truly believe that this morning, my dad, and your little girl, found each other in heaven and they wanted us to connect. I know if my dad met your little girl up there, he would treat her like his own grandchild and love her until one day when you meet again. I feel as though this was a message from him letting me know there is still good in this world and it will be okay.
I don’t know if this message will ever get to you, but I feel we will always have a connection through our loved ones watching over us."

It turns out after Frank Somerville posted the story, Katie found the woman who purchased the coffee. They connected over messages on Facebook. 

Rebecca Esquivel Makis bought Katie the coffee. She's friends with Hannah's mom. 

Rebecca wrote Katie, "I’m so sorry your lost your dad. ‬‪That card is a hug from me to you. ‬‪When days are hard, remember we are out here. ‬‪Those that lost loved ones, that live their lives everyday and breathe for those not with us and unable to do so for themselves.‬"