Raw animal parts found in luggage at airport

During a baggage examination at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport, U.S. Customs and Border Protection agriculture specialists seized 22 pounds of raw pig, chicken, and cow meat, brains, hearts, tongues, heads and various other body parts.

While inspecting the luggage of a female U.S. permanent resident who was traveling from Vietnam, the specialists found raw animal meat as well as dried and cured meat.
"Customs and Border Protection agriculture specialists work diligently to prevent the introduction of diseases into the U.S.," said Dallas CBP Port Director Cleatus Hunt Jr. "These kinds of meat products are potential carriers for harmful diseases that could result in devastating effects on our agriculture industry."      

The following items were seized and destroyed by steam sterilization:

  • pig brains
  • pig heart
  • hen and rooster feet
  • hen and rooster innards
  • beef jerky
  • cooked pork back
  • hen half
  • pig tongue
  • rooster half
  • other pig organs
  • chicken meat