Repairs to clean up Stern Grove could cost millions

Cleanup on the grounds of the Stern Grove summer concert series will begin this week after a water pipe burst and flooded the area, canceling concerts and leaving behind a mess.

San Francisco's Public Utilities Commission issued an emergency declaration for the site, hoping that would expedite the repairs needed to get the show back up and running. 

The flood happened at the end of August.

Crews were working to fix a water pipeline when it burst near 22nd Avenue and Sloat Boulevard. 

That sent hundreds of thousands of gallons of water onto the concert stage and some of the surrounding buildings.

It saturated the soil. And now there are concerns on whether the nearby trees are at risk of falling. 

"The ground was just saturated and it undermined the root systems of about 50 of those big trees and several trees are already on the ground," said Tamara Barak Aparton, spokeswoman for the city's recreation and parks district. 

The Stern Grove festival was on the tail end of its 10-concert summer series. Organizers had to cancel their final events, including a show by Tower of Power and Too Short, because of the damage from the flood.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, the repairs could cost up to $4 million. 

Festival organizers say they're confident they'll have the resources and repairs in time to put on a show next June.