Report: Judge sides with journalist over search warrant in Adachi case

San Francisco police knock on Bryan Carmody's door with sledgehammer and detain the freelance videographer. May 10, 2019. Photo: Surveillance/Bryan Carmody

A superior court judge has put a stop to a search warrant used by San Francisco Police Department to seize a freelance journalist's cell phone records as part of an investigation into who leaked a police report on the death of SF public defender Jeff Adachi. 

San Francisco Chronicle reports an attorney for videographer Bryan Carmody had argued the seizure of the phone records led to a raid on his home and office back in May

The defense lawyer had also claimed police and judges had violated federal and state law, including California's Shield Law, which protects journalists from being compelled to identify sources. 

The ruling essentially bars investigators from using any evidence that was obtained with the warrant. The ruling also suggests police did not inform the judge that Carmody was a journalist. 

Jeff Adachi was a frequent critic of San Francisco police.