Reported smoke on Air Canada Express jet forces aircraft to return to SFO

An Air Canada Express flight landed safely at San Francisco International Airport on Sunday morning, after encountering difficulties

Smoke reportedly entered the cockpit of the plane.

Flight 8839 was headed from SFO to Vancouver, Canada, but the pilots turned the aircraft around due to the issue.

A man at the airport posted photos of the plane on the runway.

The picture showed an open door above one of the plane's wings, with passengers coming out of the plane.

There were no reports of any injuries, or visible damage to the aircraft. 

At the time this story was writtten, Air Canada Express had not yet announced the number of passengers onboard.

SFO told KTVU this incident caused brief delays for inbound flights, as several planes that were scheduled to arrive, had to circle around the airport, until the runway was cleared.

source: skip Hovorka, @twuskip1