Rescue dog set for surgery snatched from outside Oakland shelter

East Bay SPCA 

A rescue dog that was set to undergo surgery was stolen on Sunday during a walk with a shelter volunteer outside the East Bay SPCA in Oakland.

SPCA officials say the 2-year-old pit bull mix named Daisymae was on the facility's grounds with a volunteer, when a man approached the volunteer and struck up a "friendly" conversation with her.

He began asking her questions about the dog and when the conversation ended, the volunteer walked away. Officials say that's when the man snatched the pit bull and jumped into his car which was still running. 

The SPCA is calling for Daisymae's return. Officials say they don't care how the dog is brought back to them. They'll take her back no questions asked. 

They say Daisymae was scheduled for surgery on Monday to remove a probable mast cell tumor. Veterinarians had also wanted to make sure there was no spread of the tumor. 

Spokeswoman Jessica Perrin says a lot of volunteers and staff had gotten very attached to Daisymae since she came to the shelter in November.

Perrin describes the black and white pitbull mix as sweet, energetic, warm and outgoing. The dog was wearing an orange collar with a black and tan harness at the time she was taken. She has old lacerations around her snout. Officials say she can be reactive with other dogs.

Anyone with information about this case is asked to call 510-563-4603.