Rescue group looking for a new home for a dog who lost his owner in a murder

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A rescue group in Texas is looking for a happy ending for a dog who lost everything.

Max the German Shepherd lost his owner several weeks ago.

Police say the man was murdered in a convenience store robbery.

Neighbors saw the dog wandering around his apartment complex waiting for his owner to come home.

Muranda Perez was able to earn Max's trust and took him in temporarily...

"Kind of got the feeling like he was there to protect his owner and just keep them away from danger. Almost like a service animal," Perez said.

"I can only imagine what he would be going through.

"The first night he slept as far away from me as possible, in the smallest room that he could find."

But now Bluebelle Rescue is looking for a more permanent home for him.

Katie Brosseau with Bluebelle Rescue said, "We've seen dogs grieve but we've never seen this type of, not even this type of loyalty before."

"Sad story, happy ending -- well we know that's not the case. The brother (of the victim) is just not in the place to take animals,” Perez said.

The rescue says Max has no heartworms or other diseases.

The ideal home for him would be a married or single person without children -- another pet may be a plus.

"It really just takes a very special adopter that's patient, and that's willing to work with him and know that he has limitations, and that he's not going to be the outgoing dog that all of the dogs are,” Brosseau said.