Researchers hope mountain lion family stays safe in the wild after cubs previously killed by farmers

Researchers hope a female mountain lion and her newborn cubs - who were caught on camera in the Sonoma County area - will stay out of harm's way.

According to Audubon Canyon Ranch, the mountain lion and her cubs were captured on camera in an undisclosed location.

The Living with Lions project tracked the mountain lion, using a GPS collar. Video showed the mother mountain lion checking out the camera as she nursed her 11-day-old cubs.

Audubon ​​​​​Canyon Ranch says the surviving cubs from the mother's previous two litters were killed by farmers after attacking livestock including a sheep and goat. 

The Audubon Canyon Ranch is working with local farmers to help them co-exist with mountain lions. "We are trying to help pet and livestock owners understand their responsibility to keep their domestic animals safely enclosed so that wild animals are not needlessly killed after one of these events," according to the Audubon Canyon Ranch. 

Researchers with the Audubon Canyon Ranch say removing a mountain lion from the area would not help the farmers in the long-term, because another mountain lion will fill the void. 

Video: Quinton Martins/Audubon Canyon Ranch 

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