Resident jumps out of window to escape Panhandle fire in San Francisco

San Francisco firefighters said two people were injured Monday during a 3-alarm fire when one resident jumped out of the burning building and another was escorted outside. 

Firefighters said the first call came at about 3:20 a.m. from a residential building at 720 Masonic Avenue near the Panhandle.

The building is a three-story duplex residential home under renovation, officials said. Nearby buildings had to be evacuated. The second floor of the building and the building's roof collapsed. Seven people have been displaced, fire officials said. 

"I opened the blinds and saw the whole house engulfed in flames," Audrey Sobiski, who welcomed in some of her neighbors who were displaced by the fire. "We all gathered in my living room with hot tea and blankets, and you know did the best we could as neighbors to come together."

The fire also spread to two adjacent buildings and caused significant damage, officials said. 

"My dog woke us up barking," said Charlotte Eilbert, who opened her door to find flames outside. "She’s a hero now, she’s allowed to bark at whatever she wants, for the rest of her life, and gets a million treats a day." 

Meantime, Nathan Hall-Snyder said he was lucky that he and his roommates all got out safely.

The fire department added that a third person was also injured, but not as a result of the fire itself.

Firefighters said the person crossed the perimeter, and tried to climb one of the aerial ladders on a fire truck.

That person was hospitalized with serious injuries. 

As many as 100 firefighters and paramedics responded to the scene. No firefighters were injured. 

The American Red Cross set up a reunion and recovery location across the street from the fire. 

A task force of the fire department is investigating this incident.