Residents shower Fremont police with support from their front yards in wake of stay at home order

As police Fremont officers made their rounds on Saturday night, making sure residents were abiding by California's stay at home order, they were showered with love from the community.

Residents stood in their driveways waving the American flag as officers drove by; a gesture of appreciation for all they do to keep communities safe. 

(Fremont PD)

The Fremont Police Department was moved by the display and took to Facebook to say thank you, writing, "We were extremely appreciative to all of the residents on Sea Cliff Terrace and Scott Creek Terrace who showed us ❤️ and support from their front windows and yards last night! This means the world to our officers.  #FremontStrong #StayHomeStayHealthy."

The majority of law enforcement officers around the Bay Area and the rest of the state are taking the educational approach in making sure residents are complying with mandatory social distancing measures in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis.