Restaurant worker attacked by man with a hatchet, suspect arrested in Fremont

Photo courtesy Fremont Police Department.

A man was arrested for allegedly attacking a restaurant worker with a hatchet in Fremont on last week, police say. 

Fremont police said the attack happened last Friday at around 12:15 p.m. at a restaurant near Mission Boulevard and Warm Springs Boulevard. 

The restaurant was Curry Pizza House. 

According to police, those who reported what was happening, said a man was yelling inside the restaurant and appeared to be armed with a small hatchet. 

As officers were responding, the reporting parties gave them an update to say the person with the weapon had struck an employee with the hatchet. 

The employee's arm was injured. Police said the injury was considered minor. 

The intersection at a busy thoroughfare is near shopping malls and several restaurants. 

After stealing pizza, police said the suspect fled the restaurant. 

Officers caught up with the suspect near the pizza shop. He was identified as Evin Sagastume, 35, of Fremont. He was arrested and booked into the Santa Rita Jail. 

Sagaqstame has a prior record of arrests for assault with a deadly weapon and brandishing a deadly weapon. 

In this case, the suspect was charged with assault with a deadly weapon and for making criminal threats. 


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