Richmond district in San Francisco named one of world's coolest by Time Out

A San Francisco neighborhood has made the list of Time Out's world's coolest neighborhoods.

The Richmond district ranked 27 on the list.

The site didn't differentiate between the inner or outer Richmond.

But called the entire neighborhood a microcosm of natural beauty, rich culture and incredible restaurants.

And this is out Time Out editors would spend the perfect day in the Richmond: Waiting in line for croissants at Arsicault Bakery, or heading over to Breadbelly for green kaya toast; and then strolling along Clement Street and stopping into local favorite shops like Green Apple Books. 

Editors also suggest eating dim sum at Dragon Beaux and then walking in Golden Gate Park before ending the night with a movie at the Balboa Theatre. 

As for No. 1 on the list? 

The Laurels neighborhood in Medellin, Colombia, home to the famed nightlife strip known as La 70. 

There are 40 neighborhoods in total on the list.