Richmond Police: Mother's fatal shooting may have been gang related

Vennysia Jackson was described as a devoted mother of three, who lived her life for her kids and to make others happy.

"She didn't do drugs. She went to church, she worked, she was an honest woman," says Vennysia's sister Brittany Foster.

Richmond police say last Saturday around four in the afternoon Jackson's life ended tragically.

Officers heard shots being fired near the intersection of Macdonald Avenue and Harbour Way.  

Once on scene police found Jackson sitting in the passenger seat of a car that was riddled with bullets.

Jackson was struck in the shoulder and head. She was later taken by life flight to an area hospital where she died.

"My sister was just an innocent bystander. She was just caught up in the crossfire of a war that's going on in Richmond right now. Between North Richmond, South Richmond, and Central," says Foster. 

Police don't believe Jackson was the intended target and say the shooting may have been gang-related.  The family also believes that to be so.

"They're going blood for blood. Women mothers and children. They don't care," says Foster
Jackson's sister has many questions and very few answers. At a time when the family should be celebrating Jackson’s son senior year.

His sister is now deciding on their mother's final resting place. "The girls, they're planning their mom's funeral. That can't be all right. They’re 18 and 19 this is their first adult thing they're doing in life. My sister probably never even held a gun in her life. So why did she have to die like that? We just want answers. We need answers and to know who did this," says Foster