Royal engagement reaction from a San Francisco British pub

News that Great Britain’s Prince Harry is engaged to an American is making headlines and generating talk about future of the monarchy in San Francisco.

At Pig and Whistle, a British pub on Geary in the Laurel Heights neighborhood of San Francisco, the reaction to the engagement is largely positive.

Many say the royal family is smart to embrace someone who's culturally different than them.
"It's caused a little bit of a stir. When anything goes on back home, there’s ex-pats that drink in here. They come in and talk about it," said Chris McKenna, a bartender with Pig and Whistle who's from England. 
He says Prince Harry's engagement to Meghan Markle, an American, is the talk among patrons.
"Harry has always played to his own tune and not drawn down by the conventions of the family," said Jamie Kendall, a patron. 
Prince Harry and his new fiancée made their first appearance together after the engagement announcement. 

"It was an amazing surprise. It was so sweet and natural, very romantic. He got on one knee," says Markle. 
Some say the fact that the royal family has publicly embraced Harry's engagement despite the fact that Markle is an American, a divorcee and an actress is a sign that the monarchy is moving forward with the times.

Additionally, some say there is much curiosity about Markle. "Who is she? I didn't know who she was and I’d never seen her show,” said Amy Dean, owner of Crown & Crumpet. “And neither had he (Prince Harry) when had met her.”
The 36-year-old Markle, a Southern California native, stars in the cable network show called "Suits." Some say Harry got a pass from his family because he's fifth in line to the throne.
"He doesn't have the same amount of responsibility as his brother who's directly in line," said Michael Rogers, who is British. 
Royal watchers say Harry is truly his mother's son, that Princess Diana was popular, a humanitarian and unafraid to buck convention.
"I think they've stepped it up and realized that if they're going to be around for another 100, 200 years, they've got to make changes and they've been doing that slowly," said Dean, touching on the British monarchy.

But back at the pub, there is excitement for another royal wedding, with the last being whenPrince William married Kate Middleton in 2011.
"Anything like this is good for the monarchy. They get a bit of pageantry out there. British people love that," said McKenna, the bartender.
Meghan Markle will not be the first American to marry into the royal family.
Prince Edward abdicated the throne in 1936 to marry twice-divorced American socialite Wallis Simpson. 
Prince Harry's wedding is set for next spring. No date has been publicly announced.