Salvation Army to deliver more than 4,000 free meals this Christmas

The Salvation Army is continuing their tradition of delivering meals to thousands of people who cannot leave their homes on Christmas. 

"We're very excited and honored to be able to provide meals to homebound seniors and individuals throughout the community. Today, over 4000 meals are going to be delivered right out of our distribution center here in the SoMa District," said Darren Norton with the Salvation Army.

"We have a traditional holiday turkey dinner for every person, along with additional produce and other items," he said .

Norton says many of the 500 volunteers who support this operation have been doing so for years, and it's now a tradition for them.  a tradition for so many people from families . 

"You know, I've met grandparents that brought their kids to do this, and now they're bringing their kids," Norton said. Many of the volunteers will be driving across the city to make deliveries. 

The delivery service began just before 8 a.m. and is expected to last several hours. Norton says that the deliveries are about more than just the meals. 

"The interaction with our volunteers will probably be the only human interaction they have today. Many of these folks are distanced from family or estranged from family. And so it's really the opportunity to have, you know, a face-to-face person come and deliver the meal and just wish them a Merry Christmas. Let them know that this community cares, that the Salvation Army is here for them," Norton said. 

They're getting loaded up and they'll go deliver the meals. Right now, they are actually frozen meals, so the folks that are receiving them will be able to heat them up later on today," Norton said.  

For more information about volunteering or donating to the Salvation Army's efforts, please visit the Salvation Army website