San Francisco Bay Ferry asks Warriors' Klay Thompson to captain its fleet

Warriors superstar Klay Thompson just got himself a new job – if he wants it – simply by wearing a white captain's hat during the NBA championship parade in San Francisco this week.

In a tweet, the San Francisco Bay Ferry tweeted at him, asking Thompson if he would like a side hustle.

"Hey @KlayThompson now that you're done with work for a little while: open invitation to bring your captain's hat and drive one of our ferries, DMs open," the agency wrote. 

No word on if and how Thomspon will respond.

But we already know this Splash brother loves the water. 

He was caught mugging with his white captain's hat, all through the parade, dancing with fans and hugging the team's new gold trophy.

His fans would definitely take a ride with him, despite having little to no ferry captain experience.  

Kevin Kunze tweeted in rhyme: "Get a Ferry ride from Klay across the Bay; I just may. What’d ya say?"@KlayThompson