San Francisco lifts 10-day travel quarantine order as COVID cases fall

San Francisco announced on Tuesday that it is lifting its 10-day quarantine order for those who travel outside of the Bay Area. 

Health officials first implemented the order in December to prevent the spread of COVID, a time in which the city experienced a surge in cases from holiday travel. 

San Francisco has seen a 76% decrease in its seven-day average for new daily confirmed cases.The city went from 374 cases per day to now 89 cases per day. 

While the city continues to make progress in the fight against COVID, health officials strongly recommend that people follow the current state travel advisory, which advices against non-essential travel anywhere outside of the state or 120 miles away from home.

"Lifting this order does not mean that it’s now safe to just hop on a plane or go on a road trip," said San Francisco’s Acting Health Officer Dr. Susan Philip. "This is not a travel free-for-all."