San Francisco man turns life around from being homeless to music entrepreneur

Calvin Robinson, a San Francisco Bernal Heights native, lost his father and started drinking at age 18.

His bout with the bottle lasted nearly a decade until he was finally arrested and the court sent him straight to the Salvation Army Harbor Lights program to detox, which ultimately saved his life.

"I was drinking every day heavily even at work," Robinson, who is now a Salvation Army case manager. "I was homeless, sleeping outside at BART."

He said it got really bad and that his family tried desperately to help him.

But it wasn't until he went to the Salvation's Army detox program in 2019 that his life changed for the better. 

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That's when he got sober and he has since launched a music career.

He uses his music videos to teach homeless youth how to get their lives back on track.

He also started a company called "Super Duper Sober," which features a clothing line called "High on Life." 

Robinson is a huge success story and it's in large part, thanks to many people at the Salvation Army. 

The Salvation Army has been around for 146 years and Robinson's story is a good reminder of the great work they do, not just around the holidays but all year long.