San Francisco police looking for who scrawled swastikas at Buena Vista Park

It was a shocking sight for anyone visiting San Francisco's Buena Vista Park Monday morning, when dozens of swastikas were noticed, painted in white on red bricks along the park's walkway. 

Police are now looking for whoever scrawled out the ugly symbols of hate, most commonly associated with Nazis. 

Max Szabo, who works with the city's district attorney's office, lives nearby and spotted the symbols while walking his dog.

"This morning we were out with the dog. We just started seeing these swastikas painted on the pedestrian walkway around all the way, maybe two-thirds of the way around the park."

Szabo's family was targeted for extermination in the Holocaust, so the sight of swastikas is a painful reminder of evil in the world just days before the Jewish holiday of Passover is set to begin this coming Friday.

"It's truly the ultimate symbol of evil. So, for somebody to destroy a park a public park with that symbol just has no place here," said Szabo. "Especially in this neighborhood."

City crews responded quickly-- power washing and painting over the swastikas and other graffiti in the area apparently written at about the same time.

San Francisco police said at this time there does not seem to be a threat associated with the swastikas, but, the department is thoroughly investigating this act of vandalism.

"We're investigating the incident. Looking for any witnesses or surveillance footage,' said Joseph Tomlinson from the San Francisco Police Department.

Szabo said there has been a noticeable spike in hate crimes in San Francisco and around the state over the last two years.

As for this incident, he said it's too early to say what charges whoever left the graffiti could face.

"It'd be premature to discuss that, but certainly it's possible," said Szabo. "Given, especially the amount of damage I see here, and the time it's going to take Rec and Parks or other city agencies to clear this up."

San Francisco police are asking anyone with a security camera in the area to check their footage to see if they have any video of the painter or anyone with a paint can in the area over the weekend.