San Francisco students to attend Pope's Mass in Philadelphia

SAN FRANCISCO (KTVU) -- A group of six students from San Francisco's St. Ignatius High School are heading on a field trip to see the Pope in Philadelphia.

They will join 40 other Jesuit schools sending delegations on a four day field trip to see the first Jesuit Pope up close.

"I'm just going and immersing myself in the experience," said sophomore Michael Lundgren. "It's a once in a lifetime opportunity to see the Pope. This may never happen again for me."

For St. Ignatius junior Dominique Mohler, it's a bit like Christmas.

"I'm always really excited for Christmas because it brings the whole family together," Mohler said smiling. "And in a sense, this is like bringing your whole family together."

The students had to answer essay questions about the Pope. Then six were chosen to make the trip. The Pope's Sunday mass is expected to touch on topics from family to immigration.

"I really like what the Pope has done on immigration," Lundgren said. "I'm one of the presidents of our Immigration Awareness Club, so I really admire him for speaking for the plight of immigrants throughout the world."

Chaperone and teacher Elizabeth Alexander wants to hear more on the Pope's more liberal stance on family.

"He's talking about what it means to be a family," Alexander said. "And that includes divorce and how we see people and how we let people into our community, and I think it's just important to hear his message."

With capacity crowds expected to flock to Sunday mass, the St. Ignatius students will not likely be close to the Pontiff.

"Couple of 30,000 away, but that doesn't matter," Mohler said. "At least I'll be able to hear him talk."

And they'll be closer to the Pope than watching him on TV.

"We're going to be in the same city at least," Lundgren pointed out.