San Francisco supervisor expected to introduce Gaza ceasefire resolution

San Francisco Supervisor Dean Preston plans to introduce a ceasefire resolution Tuesday, "Calling for a sustained ceasefire in Gaza, humanitarian aid, release of hostages and condemning antisemitic, anti-Palestinian and Islamophobic rhetoric."

"I believe this resolution is compelled by the moment, and offers an opportunity for us to come together in defense of human life," said Preston in a statement.

Tyler Gregory, CEO of the Jewish Community Relations Council (JCRC) is critical of the resolution and others that have been brought forth in other cities such as Oakland and Richmond.

"We just don't think any type of resolution is a good idea or benefits the San Francisco community right now. And we're calling on Dean Preston not to introduce it," said Gregory.

Gregory says any resolution needs to include a call for the removal of Hamas.

"We think the Palestinian Authority or an international group of Arab states can cooperate and help rebuild Gaza but Israelis and Jews around the world understand that Israelis' physical and psychological security depends on Hamas's removal. So there can't be peace with Hamas in power and that's what this resolution is lacking," said Gregory.

Some groups say it is important, however, that San Francisco Supervisors take a stand against a war that is continuing to lead to the loss of innocent lives.

"I would challenge anyone to point to anything in this resolution that is divisive. It is specifically saying all the death has been atrocious and we need a solution to this that brings all sides to peace," said Samer Araabi of the Arab Resource and Organizing Center, "Our Jewish brothers and sisters, our Muslim brothers and sisters, white folks, people of color, immigrants, everyone together saying in one voice, we want peace."

The JCRC is planning a rally at 1 p.m. Tuesday at City Hall calling for a return of hostages.

They say they'd prefer to see San Francisco focus on local issues.

"I think if they want to focus on the domestic rise in antisemitism and Islamophobia and have our Board of Supervisors hold our two communities that are hurting right now, that would be appropriate. That's consensus," said Gregory.

Araabi agrees addressing hateful rhetoric is important and says Preston's resolution does include that.

"Asking for peace. That is the thing that brings us together is our shared values and principles and that is the values and principles of this city and community," said Araabi.