San Francisco ties record-breaking cold temps set in 1896

Frost on a car in Monterey County. Nov. 29, 2019 (Scott Rowe/NWS Bay Area)

San Francisco tied record-breaking temperatures on Thanksgving as the mercury never hit past 48 degrees all day long.

The National Weather Service said that the last time the temps were so chilly all day long was on Nov. 27, 1896. Meteorologist Drew Peterson said the low of 48 degrees tied not only a daily record but a monthly record for November as well.

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But, he cautioned, 48 degrees did not set an all-time record.

That occurred 87 years ago.

The temps reached a high of 35 degrees and a record low of 27 degrees on Dec. 11, 1932. 

And while it was cold in San Francisco, it was even colder in the North Bay.

The Sonoma airport clocked in at 27 degrees and 34 degrees in Livermore at 4 a.m. Friday. 

And it's not going to warm up much any time soon.

The National Weather Service said rain and snow will continue to fall on Friday, with a bigger storm set to hit on Saturday. 

A snowman smiles near Yosemite Falls. Nov. 26, 2019 (Yosemite National Park)