San Francisco Japantown mochi shop closing after 115 years

One of the oldest businesses in San Francisco's Japantown announced they are closing up shop.

Benkyodo Company announced their final day will be Thursday, March 31. The sweet shop has been open for 115 years and is a family-owned and operated business.

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The Okamura brothers said it is time to retire. The shop was started by their grandfather back in 1906.

"As we head into retirement, we thank you all for your years of support and patronage," they said in a message to their patrons on their website.

SF Japantown mochi shop is closing March 31 after 115 years.

The Okamura family has been bringing sweet confections, and smiles, to customers daily.

They are known for making mochi and manju, sweet Japanese rice ball treats, in a number of different flavors.

Benkyodo was declared a legacy business by San Francisco and awarded honors in the state of California.