San Jose Earthquake fan nails kick during halftime show: video

A soccer fan stunned the crowd when he nailed a kick during the San Jose Earthquakes halftime show Saturday night.

The Earthquakes played against the Portland Timbers with a 0-0 result, but it was the halftime kick that stole the show. Video posted to Twitter showed the perfect boot.

In the challenge, three contestants lined up at the penalty box and took turns trying to land a kick as close to the center mark as possible.

The first kick was far right of the mark. The second kick made it super close and seemingly had the contest in the bag. 

Then a left-footed guy dressed in jeans and a T-shirt lined up for the third and final kick. Fans cheered and music played in the background as he carefully propelled the ball towards center field.

"This one looks good too! This one looks good as well!" the announcer said as the ball slowly rolled into the center mark and came to stop. "Oh my!"

It couldn't have been more precise.

"Hey @SportsCenter, do your thing," the Earthquakes wrote, hinting the kick should make their list of top 10 plays.

People replied to the video with shock, calling it the best pass in soccer history and that the Earthquakes they should sign him on to the team.

"Unreal. I thought the other guy had it in the bag and then this!" @sequoia_hall tweeted.

It's unclear what the prize was for the winning kick, but one commenter chimed, "I hope this guy won a million dollars!!"