San Jose fire station celebrating lives of captain's 3 kids killed in car crash

San Jose Fire Captain Steve Biakanja and his kids, Leigh, Lucy and Ben. The children died in a car accident in Hollister Aug. 14. 2022. Photo credit: San Jose Fire Station 16

San Jose Fire Station 16 announced a celebration of life for the three kids of a fire captain who were killed in a car crash.

Capt. Steve Biakanja lost his 14-year-old twin daughters Leigh and Lucy, and 12-year-old son Ben, last month in a deadly accident on Highway 156 in Hollister. The children's mother and captain's ex-wife Lisa, also died in the crash. 

Station 16 set up a GoFundMe to help lessen the financial burden for Biakanja. That fund raised nearly $280,000 which prompted Capt. Biakanja to create a scholarship fund to send three underprivileged students from Carmel Middle School on the annual field trips to Washington D.C. as a way of honoring his children.

"This was a trip that both of his 8th-grade daughters were supposed to attend," Station 16 firefighters said. "With your support, he hopes his children’s legacy may live on and continue to bring light and joy to their school even after they’re gone."

T-shirts and stickers with the LLB foundation logo will be available during the celebration on Oct. 1, according to the Instagram post by Station 16.