San Jose firefighters disciplined for 2022 strip club incident

San Jose Fire Department said its firefighters involved in driving a scantily clad woman outside of a strip club are being disciplined. 

Video of the October 2022 incident was posted to Instagram by the "sanjosefoos" account, a popular meme account that posts videos, photos and food reviews based in San Jose. 

SJFD Chief Robert Sapien, Jr. told the San Jose City Council that the truck was assigned to transport a man from the fire station to the Pink Poodle strip club where he worked. Once the fire crew arrived, a woman climbed into the truck and asked for a ride-along. 

Firefighters refused at first, but the woman persisted and was driven partway around the block. 

"I have initiated dialogue sessions with senior and middle management to reinforce professional conduct expectations, a process that will continue through all department ranks," Sapien said in a statement. 

The City of San Jose now considers the case closed.