San Jose: Man sitting in his car robbed and shot

A man is robbed at gunpoint and then shot as he was sitting in his parked car in San Jose. It happened on November 2 just before 4 p.m. on Threadneedle Way in San Jose’s Silver Creek neighborhood. A neighbor’s home surveillance video captured the shooting and the getaway.

A family friend and neighbor of the victim believes the victim was followed. The victim had gotten home from the gas station when he was confronted.

“As soon as he parked the car, there was this other car that drove by, there were three guys that came out hooded,” said Hobbie Cao, victim’s friend.

Home surveillance video captures a suspect getting out of a black Honda Accord rapidly approaching a white car.

“One of them pointed a gun at my friend and said, 'Hey I want your stuff,'” said Cao. “Basically I think my friend said no and then they just shot him twice.”

The victim was shot twice in the abdomen. In the video, two other suspects are seen getting out. One of them retreats back to the car when shots are fired. Another suspect snatches a necklace the victim is wearing and the suspects' car quickly takes off.

“My friend was able to actually get up and run into the house,” said Cao.

The victim is a man in his mid-30's and was taken to Regional Medical Center and is now recovering from his wounds. The violent confrontation took less than 20 seconds.

“Oh my God, that's horrifying,” said Neighbor Oscar Lujan. “That's scary.”

Lujan’s security cameras caught the suspect's car racing out of the neighborhood.

“These guys had masks on and they actually had bandanas covering their faces,” said Cao.

Cao believes his friend was targeted for his jewelry. He was wearing a large gold necklace with a jade Buddha face likely worth $5,000. Cao believes the thieves aren't from the area and have done this before.

“They have a purpose,” said Cao. “They want your stuff and they will do whatever it takes to get your stuff. He was just lucky, they didn't take his life.”

Police said the suspects are described as African-American men. The suspect’s car is described as a 2013 to 2015 black four door Honda Accord with chrome trim and rear tinted windows. Neighbors believe a second car was involved blocking the street.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Detective Daren Reinke of the San Jose Police Department’s Robbery Unit at (408) 277-4166.