San Jose police release body-worn camera footage from three incidents

San Jose police on Friday released officers' body-worn camera footage of three cases with heightened community interest.  

With the release of the videos, police Chief Eddie Garcia is trying to make the work of his officers more transparent to the public and go beyond what is required by law.  

"We hope releasing these videos will provide the public more clarity into each of these incidents," Garcia said in a statement.

"Each video is only one piece of information used to fully understand a complex event." 

Footage of one video shows a motorcycle officer hitting a suspect in a bank burglary during protests on the night of Sunday, May 31.

The collision occurred near South Fourth and San Fernando streets, according to police.  

The suspect ran out in front of motorcycle officers as they were following him, police said. The suspect was taken into custody and the collision was processed as a traffic collision, according to police.  

According to police, the second video shows officers subduing a person near City Hall who allegedly tried to take a baton away from an officer and was swinging his arms to possibly hit the officer. 

Police said trying to disarm an officer is a misdemeanor.  

The third video shows an officer using offensive and unacceptable language as officers attempted to arrest a person near City Hall for allegedly throwing a bottle at police, a felony. The suspect escaped arrest, police said.